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I know how to be alone because this is mostly all I know and it's very peaceful but I still try to get girls to talk to me first. I've dealt with extreme loneliness for years so Im used to avoiding people because the world is mostly all hate . I want a girl that wants to have sex or be physical and have no sex. I don't believe in relationships. I hate dealing with mean entitled dramatic girls.. I can not be relational with this type of girl. I'd rather be alone. I want a girl that isn't dramatic and entitled. I'm just physically attracted to some girls . Im emotionally attracted to very few girls . I'll have sex with them and then I'm definitely leaving. I stay mostly alone like most people avoiding hate . I already know how most people and girls really are. Some people are very nice and I feel okay around them but some people are very hateful and I never feel okay around them because they are so hateful. Id rather be mostly alone the rest of my life than deal with hate. Most people are extremely hateful . I've isolated for years from hate and I get lonely but I eventually I get over it . I believe in friendships sometimes when the person doesn't hate you but I don't believe in relationships with females. You will leave anyway. Girls change their mind every 5 seconds . We don't have to talk at all or get to know each other because you'll leave anyway and find someone better than me. Please hit on me first. I don't like talking to people first. Im not shy. I just know how hateful most people are so I usually don't even try anymore. Please Take the rejection and pain first. Ill be nice about the rejection if I reject you . I'm not supporting any girl to be with her . Work mostly all day like me and sleep one hour a day and support me. Any girl can support herself. I Am a feminist. I don't believe in gender roles. I'm there for girls and people other than girls money wise if they need food or clothes to survive and stay warm but the only people I would give all of my money to is my family. I'll marry a girl that supports herself most of the time. 10 years into being married, I'd support a girl half way and then 20 years when I know she is the one, I'll support her the rest of her life because I know she won't leave me . wedding wearings With Lace Appliques