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Today, I went to church to confess my weaknesses to a friendly priest in my parish. Father was on his way out when I came in but because it was me, he put on the purple stole over his shoulder and bent his left ear towards me to hear my confession. When we were done, he said he was rushing to somewhere and had to leave at once. Father needed help where he was heading for. As one of the altar knights and a friend of his, I offered to assist him.

As we drove out of the church, ... he told me he was going to settle a case between a man and his wife. According to him, the woman has been asking the priest to nullify their marriage because her husband was sleeping with runs girls. The woman had complained that her husband contracted herpes simplex virus from his harem of prostitutes and passed it on to her. She has been living with the dreaded virus for the past eight months until very recently when the husband contracted another infection that splashed blisters all over his face and his back.

Father was disturbed that the number of married couples who are seeking divorce has been on the increase for the past six years. When I asked him the reason behind these divorce cases, he winced and told me that marital infidelity was the major cause.

Fastforward to now. I pity married women who are living with promiscuous husbands because they are always at the receiving end of everything their husbands do. It is very obvious that our husbands have gone more mad than ever. They no longer respect marriage again. If you are a married woman, it is only reasonable for you to protect yourself from a philandering husband by resisting copulation with him once you notice he is having an affair. If not, you may have yourself to blame. If you think he may rape you, opt for divorce because living with a promiscuous man is a very foolish health risk.

What can I say about these girls who are breaking up homes with their private parts? If you are a runs girl, some day, you may marry too but unlike you people claim, you may be married to a philandering man. Karma never forgets because everything you are doing today is shaping your tomorrow. If you are sleeping with someone's husband, when you marry, you will share your husband with other prostitutes. It is not true that prostitutes marry faithful, God-fearing and good men. God-fearing men marry God-fearing women just like the rich marry the rich. Even godless men who have defiled every wayward girl in the city go back to the village during the Yuletide to search for good, decent girls and virgins. So stop the emotional blackmail. wedding pieces with removable skirt

You better repent now before the anger of the Lord comes upon you. You people can't keep breaking up homes like this. It is evil!

Stop it before it is too late to stop.

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