wedding dresses for women

Reaping what we have sown

With so many Jamaican boys growing up without their fathers, it might be fair to say that most Jamaican men are what their mothers, grandmothers, lovers and society generally, have taught them to be.

Check out our male heroes, our musical lyrics, our favorite shows and movies, what amuses us ... not to mention carnival. And we are surprised that our young people are having sex in taxis, busses and the Transport Centre.

I have concluded recently that boys and men wear their belts below their butts because it attracts mostly women, not just men. I have also concluded that many Jamaican women don't want a conventional man; they want pillow-mates, poodles, pets, obedient phalluses, and sperm-donors and that these men are probably just responding to the law of demand and supply wedding dresses for women