wedding dress with detachable skirt

This make`s Me sick. It`s not fair by any mean`s! Where was I when all this rubbing went on;) L`O`L No but seriously it is wrong for women to try to destroy a man, because he told her. She was beautiful or they have a nice rump or titties;) Well they were looking and found Men with money and power, because they want to befriend them where, as to rob them more or less! They wear as little as they can. Then they want to get upset or offended when a Man comment`s upon their look`s or body... Or so they claim that they were in fear for themselves I`m thinking, look at this gold digging whore right here;) Like Trump they wanted to say something to the effect, like he told Me I have a nice @$$. Well that`s not a bad thing. Mind you these women got on that bus and stayed on that bus so she must not have been to offended by it ,at the time. I once had a man offer Me 30,ooo dollar`s just to sleep with him.I just laughed and told him to go get Him self a gold digging whore, those kind`s of Women make Me sick. Of course he did`nt want a Woman like that. He want`s a Real Woman (such as myself) I told Him that if He wanted a Woman with a good nature and worth having. He need`s to send them flower`s and shower them with gift`s Not to come sliding in at them side way`s. Like he did Me. I don`t care how much money you have, I personally, don`t ask Men for money. Shoot Friend`s. I would have been a million dollar stripper, had my moral`s not of gotten in My way. Isnt that right Tony R. Coomer? Tony use to try to get Me to go to Louisville,and be a stripper. Because I`ve got dance move`s that will leave you wanting more. My sister wedding dress with detachable skirt Mammie Fitch has made craft talent. I on the other hand, My talent is Dance and yes I know how to waltz and chacha, ball room and such dance moves. Which could have supported Me. But I chose not to do that kind of thing. Because to Me stripping is just a legal way to sell ones self. Because they are selling their bodies. One time I was walking threw the little town I was raised in, And this Man had a riding lawn mower in the back of his pick up and he all most wrecked and ran that mower threw the back of his truck. And he all most put that mower threw the wind shield. Because he was looking at Me and not paying attention to the road and the light turned red and he had to lock it up. Well call Me strange. But those kind`s thing`s make Me feel good about Myself. But when that man offered Me that money. It was up to Me to say No I`m not for sell. But I did`nt run to the court house and tell My Friend Judge South, hay he said I am smoking hot, ( His word`s, not mine) and He want`s to give Me a large sum of money, so I want to sue Him and take all he`s got. When he offered Me that I just Smiled. First off it was nice that he thought I was worth that and secondly that I do Respect Myself. So Ladies ( and I use them word`s, with them leaving a bad taste in My mouth) Either be his what ever and take what he give`s You. Or go get your worthless @$$ a job!
Because when female`s have such a nature, it`s not because they are offended.It`s because they see dollar sign`s. And that`s wrong. And I`m getting ready to say a few thing`s that some Women may be offended by. And this is just My point of view. Women are not equal to Men and here`s why. Women have no business being President of a Country. Yeah there are some Women that can weld or drive a 18 wheeler. 9 times out of 10 the women that have job`s that I consider to be a man`s job. Are gay. And no I`m not bashing that community.( I have some one very close to Me) that is gay and live`s with a woman. So don`t even go there.