wearing suitable for the wedding of the tall bride

x-1 [resistance]

I opened my eyes groggily and observed the place using my eyes.

I noticed a whiteness inside.

I could tell I had been lying here for several hours, and the metallic taste in my mouth told me that I haven't had a drink in quite some time. I felt the dryness in my throat.

The place, it looked like a lab or it really was. The bed was not soft. I saw things like computers, machines, medicines, and many wires in the ceiling.

And I realized that my whole body was completely and utterly paralyzed. I tried to move and scream, but it was useless. I felt trapped inside my body.

Is this a delusion?

The thought was a sharpness inside me.

Suddenly, I heard a footsteps, I saw a man dressed in completely white. He gave me a fearful look as panic set into his eyes. He placed his finger on the white device on his ear.

"Sir, he's awake!" he exclaimed.

Then I saw another man walking towards me.

"If it's just his eyes, don't worry. His chip has not yet been activated, just reflexes." the man looked at me, his teeth sparkling as he laughed.

I wanted to look away. I must do something, close my eyes perhaps, but I couldn't. His laughter came to me.

My bed raised with a mechanical whirr and the blue holograms appeared.


I desperately tried turning my head to see more of the lab room I was in, but I couldn't still move. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my arm, various needles and holographic strips were sticking out. wearing suitable for the wedding of the tall bride

I noticed the word 'GROV5'.

I could feel fury coursing through my body, one of the various array of screens flashed 'Memory Wipe Status: Complete'.

Then everything became a blur in my eyes.

I couldn't remember anything, even the reason why I am here. The only thing I could remember was my age, 14.

The man wearing all white injected the green liquid on my arm, removed the needle and threw it in a garbage can where it instantly dissolved.

"Better not take any chances." he muttered to himself while staring at me.

Then it all went black.