vintage style wedding apparels back Tulle Overlay 1950s

TODAY is the first day of Autumn!!!!!!! Time to celebrate!So ready for cooler temperatures and lots of hot tea and sweaters and hiking boots and Chicken Corn Soup and the colors of changing leaves and bonfires, and s'mores!!!!! After a miserable summer with humidity (yuk) and heat (yuk) and rain (wait, I like rain), got my fall and winter on in Jackson Hole, WY. We had consistent temperatures in the 40's, dipping down to 32 degrees and below at night and then, on Tuesday and ... Wednesday, SNOW!!!! And, in our daughter and son-in-law's back "yard" (not really because they live on 25 acres), while we were eating dinner, guess who came to say hello? A sweet, sweet family of deer, complete with Daddy, a six point Buck, Mama, and their twins! Twins are rare because of the likelihood of one of them not making it. So cool to see them!!! The snow and the deer just absolutely made my day!!!

And we went hiking (even with my five month old broken ankle) up at Mesa Falls, set in a National Park in Idaho. Just a Spectacular Falls, Upper and Lower, on a stretch of river carving down through what's left of a gigantic caldera. And seeing the truly awe inspiring fields stretching for miles, all the way to the horizon, of Idaho's hay crop (just harvested and put up in bales). Made for some great pictures, which Bob will post.
And the food! Della and Christopher served up grilled ELK!!! Christopher shot and killed it, Della and Christopher dressed it out, and dang, it was amazingly good! Wyoming allows hunters permits for two Elk a year, and, if one is bold enough, Wyoming allows one buffalo per lifetime. As far as local restaurants go, I would strongly recommend the following: Dornan's in Moose, and the view of the Grand Tetons! Nora's Fish Creek Inn in Wilson, and the most incredible breakfast ever.Their egg-white omelet is to die for! Bob was mighty impressed with their soapstone wood stove which is a one of a kind treasure and puts out enough heat to warm the large main dining area. And The Knotty Pine in Victor, Idaho, with the best beer battered onions rings I've ever put in my mouth! Btw, The Knotty Pine regularly hosts live music with up and comers in the area! vintage style wedding apparels back Tulle Overlay 1950s
I reckon I am totally ruined after spending time in a log cabin with a wood stove and stone chimney. Dang. Winter is coming and I, for one, am thrilled to bits!!!!Thank you, Della and Christopher, for the Snow and the Deer and true Wyoming Hospitality!!!!
~ Elizabeth Holmes

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