tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

Someone else posted this on Facebook. It echoes my sentiments:

What is a White Supremacist? We All need to ask ourselves. Who are they? Well some of them are people we see every day. They hold jobs and shop at the supermarket in our neighborhood. They care about nothing having to do with decency though many of them think that they do. They look, talk and act like brazen fools and their actions in groups are the sadistic actions of the "Bad Guys" so what exactly makes them worth preserving? What "Purity" are they saving exactly? They offer nothing to humanity except hatred. How do they think they are worth preserving? You might ask "Can't they even see what they are?" No - they can't - and that is the real threat. tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

Their hatred becomes magnified in groups and feeds upon itself. In Biology, when traits work together to make something more effective than the sum of their parts, we call that the possession of EMERGENT PROPERTIES. It is good in Biological systems but as Charlottesville taught us, sociologically it can lead to a group mentality which ends up expressing itself as pure evil! This is why when it is challenged and wiped out or pressured the individuals involved feel absolved and say "No, I never hated, I didn't want that horrible act committed. That isn't how I feel."

Emergent properties in society can often end in tragic outcomes such as the Election of a narcissistic pervert and megalomaniac as President and the support of truly hateful persons like David Duke who spew such vileness that no one who individually thought about it could go along. The majority of them can actually be saved by a decent example but those in charge at this time in our country are providing the opposite, hence the insanity and Violence of Charlottesville which does not belong in our culture or in our country and should be rejected like a bad transplant in an incompatible body. In this case the body human..

THIS IS THE MINDSET OF NAZIS and Supremacists - They feel no shame - no guilt for their evil. They cannot be negotiated with We cannot hope for them to change their minds. THIS IS WHY THEY MUST BE HOUNDED AND DRIVEN TO GROUND! NEVER FORGIVE THEM! NEVER FEEL SYMPATHY FOR THEM! NEVER PERMIT THEM TO HAVE FREE REIGN! NEVER PERMIT THEM TO EXIST!