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50 rare breed Herdwick Sheep - for fiber, meat and land restoration
120 Laying hens (not enough!) - for farm fresh pastured eggs
30 heritage breed chickens - for eggs and I'm tired of red hens
over 250 guinea fowl - for restaurants
12 turkeys - for your Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts (2 available)
2 ducks for eggs
a Dexter cow - for our milk, when she does, and future beef
2 quarterhorses - our friends, and to ride our 100 acres
a llama - well, things happen
4 dogs - 3 working - 2 are LGDs, 1 is our herding dog, one retired
11 cats....(2 kittens still available!)
sure doesn't sound like a "hobby" farm!

And I can attest to the fact it sure doesn't feel like one, either! But, that's because it is not. I love my full-time job as land stewardess, growing healthy soils, improving our environment and raising the healthiest meats you can buy. Read on for interesting info.... simple chic bridesmaid wears look shabby