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My beautiful sister-in-law, Jen. This photo was taken at our pre-wedding party a couple days before Jon and I got married and it was one of the many times that Jen would tell me how thankful she was that I chose her brother and he chose me. She would go on to say she loved me and give me a big hug and then tell me she always wanted a sister. And when we had our girls, she would thank me for giving her such perfect nieces she could play princess and dress up with. She told me these things over and over and over. She was so good at that and because of it, I will never wonder how she felt about me or my girls. I need to learn from her. I miss you, Jen. I love you, Jen. I wish you were here so I could tell you how much I love you and all that you mean to me and give you a big hug. short wedding dresses cheap