short sleeve bridesmaid dress

chapter 5

As the sun rays hit the bald head of our principal I saw the sun rays sprinkling over his head. It was usually funny to see our principal wearing a same socks like ours that navy blue one. But for us it was no longer funnier as it has been a habit to see our principal wearing that socks twice in a month . As the rhythm of the morning prayer continued to flow it became more louder as everyone was singing in a union. short sleeve bridesmaid dress

After the morning speech principal instead of commenting on speech began to announce sth unrelated to the morning speech.

I have been observing you guys most of students has longer hair than the length you should be cutting in a disappointing tone he announced.

As I heared the word hair I look out at the boys hair searching whose hair need to be cut. And girls too are not allowed to keep your hair beyond the shoulder length the principal added to his announcement hearing those words I knew my hair too need to be cut.

ohh no I heared those words rise as soon as that announcement was made. Looking back I saw my hair has grown quite I was making judgement about how long I should cut my hair I heared Deki the girl standing behind me saying you need to cut this much she hold my hair I estimated it to be 15 cm. Adding salt to my wound I thought as I was upset thinking about losing my hair.

Teachers marched into the our assembly line and began to start the checking of hairs. They began to warn all of us who need to cut the hair. Yes madam I replied back as she pointed me to warn that I too need to cut my hair. It was the worse assembly that I have ever attain I cursed myself.

Hair has become the hottest topic that everyone was discussing. Look he is jealous of our hair every one was cursing him for letting them cut their hair without their will. Mostly girls were upset to cut their long silky tails .
Monday was given the last day for us to cut our hair .since karma and I stay far from town it was not easy to go to salon for hair cut so we ask an elderly woman to cut our hair.she has nicely cut our hair till shoulder length. After cutting I was unhappy to lose my hair.

My hair I spoke out as I pick those hair of mine lying on the ground.
It will grow karma added quickly

Monday assembly has been like a battle between teachers and students .every teacher was eyeing at us like they want to slaughter us if we disobey them. Some didn't cut their hair and teachers were questioning them as asive they were under their custody.

I didn't get time sir sori tomorrow I will cut and come I heared those words as a saw a boy with a slightly longer hair than what we were supposed to keep. after begging for few more times sir has accepted his request and had grand him one day to cut his hair.

Our class teacher rechecked our hairs and including Karma and Me few were warned to cut our hairs again as he finds ours a bit longer.

Tomorrow I want to see all of your hair cut nicely he made his announcement
Yes sir we replied louder with anger and frustration in it.

This time we went to cut our hair to our neighbour son he was elder than us and has been educated and he also knows how to cut those different style haircuts .

Acho can you please cut our hair we requested him
Your hair is already short why you need to cut your hair he inquired
Our class teacher finds it a bit longer we complained
Yaya he replied back

He give us a mushroom haircut it was looking quite stylish. We were satisfied with our haircut and gossip that now no teacher will dare to ask us to cut our hair as it has been cut smaller than the required length.

I was having the same haircut like karma I felt like we wore twins but I didnt knew she didn't like to have the same haircut like mine.

I wish I had cut it in a different way I heared those words as karma told Tenzin about it