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Unsung Heroes---------------9-------------------------Madhangi Vaidhyanathan -----Pinkie from Mulund Pinkathon Group.
Madhangi, fondly called as Madhu, is someone who I can relate to as a lady who came out and blossomed as a flower from a seed. Why I am saying this is because I have seen her journey from the time she started in Dosti Thane Pinkathon with a 5km run to an achievement of a 20 km today and following the Spirit of Pinkathon 2018 training program which Ajit Pathak has designed for all inspiring runners.
Who is Madhangi?.......a Certified Yoga Trainer, a house wife, a mother, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a lady who never thought could walk alone, forget running on the roads of Mulund. She lives in a joint family with her in laws and husband and son, never had she imagined that running could give her the pleasure, her ME time and her confidence which she had always dreamt of. Suguna Girish, her beloved friend and a regular pinkie from Mulund inspired her to run her first 5K at Dosti Pinkathon in Thane. That day was her day of self-realization which dawned on her that health is so much important even for a house wife. She made it a point to walk every day after that, do her regular yoga, take her yoga classes and stay fit. She started attempting the challenges which Ajit posted in the group.
Navrun, 9 kms in 9 days of Navratri, was a biggest achiever for her where she rediscovered herself. Then came Bhag India Bhag, and she completed that also with her determination and self-discipline. Each day gained her a new ME, a new self confidence that she always desired for. Juhu run in traditional attire of nine yards South Indian drape, was the best experience of her lifetime, promotion event of Pinkathon……her dream picture with none other than our Grand Bapu, Milind Soman…..that pic is her lifetime achievement award for her. And obviously, after meeting Mr Soman, who would want to go back and not do what is required to keep meeting him again and again. Just kidding……..Madhu has an uncanny way of smiling always, whatever the situation maybe, she has got the guts to face it with a smile. royal blue long prom dresses
Now, after taking her baby steps, she can run nonstop 10kms and today being her gift to herself for her 20th Anniversary which is tmrw, this story is my gift to her and hope she would love it. Today she did 20kms nonstop running to celebrate her freedom, her confidence and her ability to challenge her limits………and I must say she has done a brilliant job.
She has something to say and so do we as Ambassadors of Mulund have some words for her:
Madhu : I am regular in Running along with my Yoga, really Bhaag India Bhaag Challenge has really brought a difference in me. My great achievement is that identified Myself.
My 2018 goal is 21kms, according to me” Nothing is Impossible”. One needs, positive thinking and focus for achieving their goal.
Dream wish is Mumbai To Pune Run, which I know is very tough task but why not try best and hope for best.

According to me age is just a number, nothing can stop you when you have positive approach and goal in life, you can also, just kick yourself and start.

Thanks to all my Mulund Ambassadors Shita, Swati,
Deepti and Tabitha for Inspirations and Motivations. Hats off to your efforts for all Saturday trainings for Pinkies, just love it.

Love yourself / Love Pinkathon / Be Fit.

Shital Gala – Madhu is a sweet girl, yet strong and determined young girl. Wishing her best of luck for her Big Run this year.

Deepti Thakker – Madhangi is a wonderful person, softspoken and a sweet lady. She is fabulous yoga teacher. She is very sincere and follows her fitness regime with a lot of determination. She is regularly attends our trainings and glad to have her as my friend.

Suguna Girish – She is a dear friend, who is more like family to me. I have seen her grow from 1kms to 20kms and still on. She is very determined in whatever she takes up. She is very regular and sincere in her workouts. One side which very few people know is that she is an awesome cook and has won many accolades for the same too. She manages her house her grown up 19 yr son, and her yoga classes very efficiently.

Swati Iyer Rathod – Madhu is a simple person, who I feel is an example of Simple living and high thinking. She has always been regular in what she does, and being a yoga trainer she obviously is self-disciplined and very regular in our trainings.

I end my story with a superb verse which suits Madhu’s personality and her cheerfulness.
How we dress defines our Fashion ability
How we address defines our Personality
How we progress defines our Creditability
Madhu defines all of this, simplicity, humanity, and progress towards her creditability. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE EVER SMILING LADY Madhangi Vaidhyanathan , WISHING YOU MORE SUCH YEARS OF HAPPINESS AND TOGETHERNESS ALWAYS......GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.