prom party outfits in dark purple

Some Essential Oil recipes!!! any questions please ask! prom party outfits in dark purple

Aching Muscle Blend
30 drops Peppermint
30 drops Lavender ...
20 Drops Frank

Flu Bomb - Children over 6 and adults
25 drops On Guard
25 drops Melaleuca 15 drops Oregano

Flu Bomb - Children under 6
5 drops On Guard
5 drops Melaleuca 3 drops Oregano

Cough and Cold for Kids Blend
16 drops Breathe
12 drops On Guard
8 drops Oregano
8 drops Melaleuca
8 drops Frankincense
8 drops Lavender
Apply to feet, chest, & spine several times a day.

Sinus Bomb
20 drops Digestzen
Apply to sinus pressure points and forehead.

Allergy Bomb
20 drops Lavender
20 drops Lemon
20 drops Peppermint

Belly Blend
40 drops Wild Orange
40 drops Digestzen

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