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Dear friends, the school year end soon in Cape Town and it is Prom time for our 15 year old students. Prom time is nothing like you will be familiar with here, everything done on a shoe string but just as much fun and magical. Your donations help transform students as a reward for their years hard work. plus size long sleeve wedding dresses
Layla can be seen in the first photo on the far right, in the dusty suroundings of a shanty town. Then in school uniform and casual clothes, both donated.
WOW, the last two pictures show Layla dressed in her Prom outfit. A total transformation and she really feels like shes in a dream, a faily tale Princess, wishing her dreams come to life.
Some people ask me, "Why on earth are you involved supporting a charity on the other side of the world ?". The answer is simple, just look at that beautiful smile on Laylas face. All the children are so grateful and happy that Marina Laurova with her Cape Care Charity has found them.