mothers wedding dresses

My first time using DHL, and disappointed is an understatement. I called and left a note on my account to please leave the package in my backyard (gate unlocked) if AFTER 330pm. Also left an actual note on my front door that read "please ring doorbell if before 330pm". 8 minutes after getting off the phone with DHL I get a text that my package was delivered....the door bell never rang as requested, the note is still on my front door, and package is no where to be found. DHL says someone will call me in 2 $2,500 wedding dress was delivered to someone else and I'm supposed to have it for this evening. mothers wedding dresses
Beyond angry.
And because I agreed to no signature to opt for leaving it in the gated backyard if I was out running my errands, I also agreed to "DHL not being responsible if my package is lost, damaged or stolen".....surely there's an exception to that when you deliver my wedding dress to someone else, in someone else's backyard.
I am beyond furious.