mother of the groom and bride collections in vintage style

In this month ruling party YAP celebrated 14 years annual of Ilham Aliyev's presidency in the Republic of Azerbaijan. I would like to express some thoughts or facts you may say.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a little but oil-rich country situated between Russian and Iran. Rolling by dictatorship of first family - father Haydar Aliyev was "president" almost 30 years (has photo with Bill Clinton in 90s lol), then in 2003 he died and his son Ilham Aliyev became a "president" killing, forcing and jailing many protesters (you may google with keywords Azerbaijan 2003 october protests to see videos. By the way Europe and America Congratulate him with presidental "victory" even though there were many reports from monitoring organizations about election frauds and violences) and since then he had already reelected 3 times, it is...was unconstitutional but he actually changed Constitution during his second period, in 2009, with show of referendum he deleted law where its been saying about availability of one candidate be elected only twice - he just deleted this and since no have any restrictions to be "elected" as president as much as he wants. Actually he never had restrictions for that, he just announced it officially. Then, in 2016 he also changed Constitution with fabricated referendum show and added new post in government, vice-presidency, and put his WIFE to this post mother of the groom and bride collections in vintage style :)

The conditions of human rights, basic freedoms in the country are horrible - many activists, journalists, dissidents investigators were killed, jailed, torture and blackmailing are usual norms of police and other power forces against them, against opposition. You may see the report below that the level Freedom of the Press in this country is in the same level of North Korea, Iran and other most repressive countries in the World. And during # PanamaLeaks and # MaltaLeaks mere mortals learned about the secret business empire of the first family with billions of dollars turnover. Just a little example - Haydar Aliyev jr., the son of the president Ilham Aliyev, had many villas in Dubai in his name when he was just 16, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show also talked about it, you may just google it, easy to find. Then, the country is one of the most corrupted in the world - almost in every state department are in bribery, people made to pay bribery, example you may have health issues, you may have problems with heart but army dont care, it call you to army, you will go and die untill you wouldn't pay bribery or untill you dont have "uncle" in the government. The ministers are unofficial billionaires with maximum 5-10 thousand dollars salary - example, the Minister of Transportation of Azerbaijan Ziya Mammadov has a large real estate business and large private bus companies that are officially not in his name, but in the name of his "businessman" son Anar Mammadov, by the way who had deal with Donald Trump to build "Trump Tower Baku" - they built it, google can help you.

By the way Ilham Aliyev was awarded a medal and diploma of honorable member of PACE, of "democratic" Europe - i suppose there is only one reason for that - Azerbaijan supplies EU with oil and free world can afford "closed eyes" on repressions and corruption of such horrible countries.