mother of the brides or groom wears suitable for fall

"Voice Tape"

I had fun reading the short story, voice tape though it was a little bit lazy to read with its nine pages.The story tells events and things that you could imagine because the way it was written was so detailed.
The story tells about the experiences of Dante who went back to his home town at Cagayan to get his certificates for his promotion being a teacher.And as he go back there, he remisce back 18 years ago, when his "Angkel Ato" died.Though the whole story talks about a character's experiences, the subject of the story is about Philippine diapora.Now in the quarter part up to the last part of the story this is where it tells about the hint why Angkel Ato die.Some of the people in the story says that Angkel Ato really jump in the front of the running bus on purpose, but Dante's family don't want to believe those rumors until they listen the content of the voice tape.It gave them a hint that maybe, Angkel Ato really kill himself on purpose.They made Dante to listen it when he's already mature enough to learn abou it.The voice tape contains the words of Angkel Ato's wife in Abu Dhabi, and it says: "Patawarin mo ako mahal,Di ko ginusto.Papatayin ako kapag lumaban ako.Isipin mo na lang ang hinahangad mong magandang kinabukasan para sa mga anak natin...And that how the story end. mother of the brides or groom wears suitable for fall
For me ,maybe Angkel Ato really let him self to bump into the bus and die.Maybe the voice tape tells that his wife is suffering abroad for his children's future.Maybe he can't take that his love is having a hardtime, and got depressed, reason for him to kill himself indirectly.
The story tells a heart warming story of ofw and their family's hardships just to survive living for their daily lives.It affects me a lot because my father is also a ofw in Qatar and I know that it's really hard to have a long distance communication or connection with one of your family abroad.
I really enjoy my time reading it.It made me realize that I need to work harder so that my father's sacrifices would be worth it.

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