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This handsome young man was rescued by Rachael after finding himself in a spot of bother following a suspected collision.
Jacob tried to fly when Rachael approached and although he did manage to briefly become air borne, he belly flopped on the ground.
In the absence of any bruising or injuries we can only surmise that Jacob has received a minor concussion but following a couple of days of bed rest he is bright and sparky and now in the flight aviary. mormon items to wear of the prom situation
Jacob will stay with us ... for a minimum of 10 days and following a hopefully successful test flight, he will be returned to the wild.
Putting a new bat into the flight aviary never fails to raise a chuckle as the battie conga line forms and approaches the new arrival.
A bit of poking and biffo is to be expected but things soon settle down and peace rapidly returns.
Any flying-fox by itself through the day is in trouble.
Don't touch but please call 0488 228 134 for Brisbane and surrounding districts.

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