modest wedding wears for lds and mormon

Silk Worms Dress is hanging in D.U.P. 145 N 100 E, St George, UT modest wedding wears for lds and mormon
Along with a few other women in St. George, she
raised silk worms, feeding them on the leaves of the
ilberry trees which she planted around the house.
Some of these trees were still standing in 1971. She
spun the silk yarn and had cloth made from it for a
Temple dress which is now in the "Daughters of
Pioneers" building in St. George. She acquired pieces
of silk cloth which she sewed together for quilts for
each of her many grandchildren. She also knitted
mittens and stockings for her grandchildren and
worked old clothing into rugs. She corresponded
faithfully with all her family for as long as she lived.
Her spinning wheel was on display for many years at
the Dixie College, borrowed for this purpose by H. L.
Ried from her daughter-in-law, Lena Mathis Crosby.
This spinning wheel was later donated by H. L. Ried
to the "Daughters of Pioneers" museum in St George.