maxi floor-length prom formal selections

Hey everyone!
Lots or Stuff for sale!!
Cheap cheap!

We just did a big cleanup in our home and I have so stuff to sell! (Brought 3 bags to the church plus household items and now going through the sale stuff ! ) From new, never or barely worn clothing, formal dresses etc. to a bunch of never worn LASENZA bras from when I worked there for 7 years and bought absolutely every single bra in my size wether id wear it or not (I have 306 bras--- need to sell those way to big for me) to household items , gueckos and reptile tanks, movies , purses, wallets , scenstys and so so much more ! maxi floor-length prom formal selections

I accept emt and cash!
msg me if your interested in anything!:)
ps u can try them on prior to purchase if needed ! (bras ane clothes) I also still have all my LaSenza measuring tapes and chart for sizing aswell:)

please msg me if you have any questions! I tried my best to include everything I could in the pics !

please share!!!!! Thank you!


These are the bras only in this post