lavender or purple colored items to wear for the wedding


Episode 15.

One time when Tina was over and we were fooling around, Diane decided to fuck me right in front of Tina. ...
I had just finished eating out both of their pussies, and I had just laid down on the bed to let them suck on my dick when I saw Diane straddle me and put my dick into her vagina. She then rode me upright for a bit, but then she just had to lay down on top of me, so I just grabbed her little butt and fucked her, and I even felt her freeze up into two orgasms before I finally climaxed and shot into her. lavender or purple colored items to wear for the wedding
But after my dick went soft again and slipped out of her, she continued to lie there on top of me for a while, while I just cuddled her to me.
When Diane finally got off of me, Tina said, “Wow, I never realized it was like that. Wow, you two must really love each other. Do you think that your dad would ever do something like that to me also?”
Diane replied, “Well, if you really want to, maybe I might let you once in a while. But, you’ll have to break through your hymen first before he can do that to you though.”
I guess that Tina was really all excited about trying this brand new adventure with me, so Diane went on to explain to Tina all about breaking through her hymen.”
About two weeks later, we were all back in my bedroom naked as usual, and the girls were again sexually fooling around with me when I heard Tina ask, “Mike, will you fuck me?”
I guess her language really shocked me, but I really didn’t know any other real short word that could be used to directly describe such an act. The trouble with the word is that it was a good word until about the eighteenth century, when it gradually became used in a very derogatory sense.
I knew that I really wanted to fuck her also, so I replied, “You mean that you really want me to put my dick into you?”
“uh-huh. Would you?’
“Well, okay if you really want to do it.”
I then saw her face brighten up with a great big smile while I watched her get her head down on my dick in order to get it wet with her mouth, and then she got up and straddled me with her legs as Diane coached her. She then reached down and guided my dick on into the opening of her vagina.
Slowly I felt my dick penetrate her. But several times I felt that she had to stop and wiggle around to get it to go into her more. But she slowly persevered until I felt her finally sitting down on top of me with my dick now buried all the way up inside of her.
To be continue!

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