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How to Manually Rewind a Cassette Tape?

Sometimes, cassette tapes have their tape pulled out, or are otherwise unable to be inserted into a cassette player. Other times, there just isn't a working cassette player around. This a few quick steps to getting your tape back into shape.

Five Steps:


1 Find a pen or pencil that, when looked at on its end, is in the shape of a hexagon or octagon (six or eight sided respectively, much like a stop sign). The very common, clear, BIC pens are perfect. These steps will not work with a round pen that is able to roll smoothly off a table.
2 Insert the pen through one of the cassette reel holes.
3 Slowly rotate the reel, ensuring that the pen makes good contact with the spokes (it should if you chose the right kind of pen).
4 Always rotate the top of the reel toward the center of the cassette. In other words, if your pen is in the left reel-hole, rotate clockwise. If it is in the right reel-hole, rotate counter-clockwise.
5 In no time at all, your tape will be rewound.

Tips: Stop spinning every once in a while and ensure there are no snags, knots, or nasty twists in the unwound tape that will impede your progress.

Warnings: When you sense that you are nearing the end of the tape, slow your spinning. Spinning too fast whilst hitting the end of the tape can stretch or snap the tape. Do not spin the tape like a party noisemaker; this can stretch or snap the tape as well as present the possibility that the tape will fly off the pen, which can cause damage to you, the tape, or your surroundings. Best to use the more time-consuming method of going slowly. lace open back wedding dress

Things You'll Need

A hexagon-shaped pen, like most common clear BIC pens
A regular cassette tape in need of manual rewind

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