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Hygiene and pregnancy

It is very important that women in general keep themselves clean and healthy.

Pregnant women however needs to be extra vigilant when it comes to their hygiene. Their are physical changes that takes place during pregnancy that may cause some discomfort. One such discomfort is the increase in body temperature. This causes excess sweating which may lead to increase in body odours. Bathing regularly helps to reduce these odours while increasing your comfort ... level by making you feel less sticky and miserable.
Another physical change that occurs is the increase in vaginal fluids or discharge. This increase is normal and is experienced by all pregnant women. It is mainly due to the increase in the cervical mucus that forms a plug in the opening of the cervix thereby preventing entry of bacteria into the womb. However having this excess discharge means that the vagina will be moist more often thus making the area more favourable for bacteria, this results in vaginal infections and odours. Bathing at least twice per day and changing under wears after bathing is important and helps to reduce vaginal odour and infection in pregnancy. Using antibacterial soaps and inserting the finger into the vagina also kills the normal bacterial flora of the vagina and therefore the chance of getting an infection increases including having recurrent infections after repeated treatments. Some women opt to wrap their rags around their finger then insert into the vagina to clean the area. This practice should be discontinued whether pregnant or not. Rest assured that the vagina cleans itself and simple water and the hands to wash the vulva(lips) is enough to keep the vagina clean and healthy. garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue
Another important point to note is taking a shower after passing faeces also helps to reduce the chances of getting a vaginal infection. Always wipe from front to back to prevent fecal matter from getting into the vagina and urethra(where urine comes out).Vaginal infections can also cause urinary tract infection which can in turn infect the bladder and kidneys if left untreated. A severe case of bladder infection can lead to preterm or premature delivery, it is very painful and can also damage the kidneys. NB holding your urine too long and using unclean materials to wipe also predisposes women to urinary tract infections . Keep fresh, stay healthy.

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