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The other day, I set up a Skype chat with an online nutrition client to discuss calories and how to read a nutrition label.

Here's the thing about counting calories and trying to do the math on the back of food packages --- the numbers you come up with and what are on the package are almost always inaccurate as they are significantly higher or lower. extra sized with lace covered items to wear for wedding

A medium apple, for example, can have anywhere between 83 and 116 calories. A large sweet potato can have anywhere between 23 ... 1 and 705 calories with an average of 339 calories.

Plus, let's face it, I've seen the portion sizes of many clients who try "eyeballing" their portion. What tablespoon looks like to the eyeball, and what a tablespoon looks like via measuring is completely different. :)

Now, "make no mistake, the principles of energy balance work:
Take in more calories/energy than you expend, you gain weight.
Take in fewer calories/energy than you expend, you lose weight."

Check out this infographic to learn more.

Joshua Reed
Owner, Reed's Wellness and Fitness Training
Personal Trainer + Nutrition Coach

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