cocktail party wears in yellow

Home from Prattville. GiGi had 4 beautiful pups (2 clear red females, 2 shaded red males). Doug is exhausted by the work in the barn. I'm worn out from cleaning and sitting up with GiGi. Jean and James took the 3 blue & tan males up to Kelly's Dachshund Farm near Chattanooga, so they'll have furever homes. cocktail party wears in yellow

We got home to find Sarah Ford at the ER with sprained right arm/elbow/wrist and bruising from essentially stem to stern. A stool we used outside broke... and our back steps are totally unforgiving.

I soaked away my worst pains. LOVE the bath bombs.... sure wish I had lots more to soak more often. By the time my back forgives me for sitting on the cold tile floor most of the night, I might actually be able to walk again.