chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

I made this list for all you non coffee/caffeine drinkers! Originally I was making it for my grandma, but I figured you all could use it. I used to work at Starbucks, and there's so many yummy good drinks you can get without coffee or tea in it! (The one tea listed is herbal, no caffeine). Just don't get them all the time, they're high in calories, so not very healthy haha. Use them to sparingly treat yo self;) chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

Good tip for moms trying to make sure their kids aren't drinking coffee:

As an employee, I learned that the juice they use in the Refreshers (cool lime, mixed berry, strawberry) are caffeinated with extract from the green coffee bean. I found it on the juice box's ingredient list (nice to have an insider to tell you that)! So even though they look like tasty lemonades, they technically have coffee in them!

Here's my recipe for "creme based" (means no coffee in Starbucks language) Smores Frappuccino (frappuccinos, or frappes for short, are like icy milkshakes). You can write it down and give it to the Barista whose taking your order. You can also make your own recipes! They have tons of different flavors of syrups and ingredients you can add to make a unique treat just to your liking.

The Starbucks smores creme frappe is super plain since they usually count on it having coffee in it to add flavor. It's basically milk, vanilla syrup flavoring, and ice. But mine is deluxe if you want a really good treat with lots of calories(save this for a special occasion or bad day haha).

-Heavy whipping cream
(instead of milk, my co worker gave me this tip and it makes it taste like and have the consistency of ice cream!)

-graham cracker sprinkles

-frappuccino chocolate chips

-2 pumps of milk chocolate smores syrup

-2 or 3 pumps of marshmallow flavored syrup

-creme base syrup
(optional, this just makes it smoother, but definitely adds calories and sugar)


Then the usual whip cream toppings for a smores frappe, this goes on the bottom and the top of the cup:

-marshmallow flavored whipped cream on the bottom of the cup
-milk chocolate smores syrup
-Graham cracker sprinkles

Hope you enjoy and find this useful! :)

I'm thinking of making a food blog so I might add this to it, and you can see all my good restaurant recommendations!