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Lets talk about Live Aboards.

So, this is more of a hypothetical thought exercise to help define and hopefully move along my daydream of living aboard someday.

Here's the situation: Its myself, the Admiral, two boys (currently 5 and 1), and 1 maybe 2 medium size dogs. I would guess we are at least 5 years away from actually being able to pull this off. We are fairly active and adventurous, and the idea of spending lots of time puttering around in the San Juan Islands and chic dress for prom party look amazing ... up the Inside Passage is highly attractive.

I love sailing, but I know that for my family, a motor vessel makes more sense. I'll carry a sailing dinghy for fun. The prospect of an old workboat with an old Washington or Gardner diesel in it sounds great.

So with that said, what kind of parameters/characteristics should I be looking for in a potential live aboard? And remember, if The Admiral ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

PFA. Anchored out at PTWBF a few years ago.

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