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As I said last time I wrote one of these posts last October, I don't share my personal life on Facebook. It just doesn't seem the place but I want to write and share about the passing of my brother, David Bumps last Friday. David passed away last Friday after a 27 month battle of cancer after receiving a 3 month initial prognosis. Just in his fight, he taught many of us so much about what determination, grace, and an undying sense of humor really means. I'm not sure why I fe ... el obligated to post something about him. He'd probably hate it lol. Maybe it is for me. Maybe I hope you'll take a few minutes and reflect on a man many of you never knew or meet.

Much to my sister's delight, I once described David as a burnt twinkie. Hard on the outside with a soft center. For those that knew him, everybody knows the hard outer shell. The sharp tongue, the quick wit, and the wonderful sense of humor. He truly would brighten a get together, as long as you didn't mind being occasionally on the receiving end of said humor and wit. But I truly hope those that knew him got to see the full side of him like I did. David was thoughtful, very wise, and always challenged you to see things from a different perspective. I'll never forget sharing a beer (who are we kidding, several beers) with David in his basement discussing my recent break up, love, and the greater picture of life. For a scatter brained 21 year old, it was an unforgetable conversation. I can think of a ten just like it.

My heart is broken for the earthly loss that my family has endured. He truly is irreplacable. At this moment, it seems unfathomable that life will go on without him but I know he would object to me even having such a thought. Among the many things David and I talked about weekly, we rarely went long without talking about our faith. Through that faith, I truly do rejoice that David's earthly pain has come to pass. That his journey is complete and that there is a dining table in heaven tonight with my Grandma and Grandpa Fenn, my Mom, and David. Kyle Idleman once said in one of his service that it is OK to be homesick. That this place, this earth, is not our home. It is OK to feel like we don't belong. I'm not sure I knew what he meant at the time. I do now. I am so happy that David is home. I am so thankful that my reservation in heaven is already made and I will live my life with the joy of Jesus to honor the man who inspired me to be better. To honor the man who made me laugh and made me think. To honor the man I had the privilege to call my brother, I love you, David. Until we meet again, my brother. cheap prom dresses under 100

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