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This is how I treat: ANKLE SPRAINS Part 1

1) Assess the severity of the sprain - Can you weight bear? Do you have limited range of active motion? Passive motion?
2) Range of motion Exercises - If you can't bear weight, then seated plantar/dorsi flexion, inversion, eversion.
If you can weight bear, standing dorsiflexion self mobilizations. ...
3) Strength - If you can't weight bear, then for a few days, plantar flexion with a resistance band.
Once you can weight bear, standing variations of calf raises, starting with 2 legs and progressing to 1 leg.
4) Manual therapy - Limited. I try to encourage self efficacy. That being said, occasionally I will do a few mobilizations to the ankle joint if it encourages range of motion. black wedding selections with lace
5) Modalities - I don't use machines. Occasionally I will perform dry needling to the lower leg muscles if it helps encourage range of motion.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this new "This is how I treat series." What would you add/do differently. What other areas would you like me to post about?

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