ball gown lace bridal gowns

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad in heaven.The wedding took place at my Grandmother's home at 50 Walnut Street in Great Fall S.C. August 6th 1955.They were married at 7:30 in the evening.My Mom wore a white knee length dress a white hat with beads lace and satin trim.My Dad wore blue pants and a white sport coat.Those that were present at the wedding, Brides parents Hermie and Cager Smith Ivey, Grooms brother John Martin and wife Nadine Williams and their son Martin Williams.Love and miss you every day wish I had a picture of the wedding to share I know they made a good looking couple!!My Mom has this written in the family Bible...priceless!This picture was also taken at 50 Walnut Street in Great Falls S.C.the home of my Grandmother Hermie Ivey. ball gown lace bridal gowns

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