Wedding Dresses 2020

"When I Loved Her" When I loved her, I didn't have these challenges I face. She was dressed in high radiance the beautiful lady had a glow so pretty, I've ever seen. She rode in on a cloud I awaited beside. I met her aquiantance, we were new at the time. I couldn't have done anything wrong being new on the town. With the prettiest smile, she wore a long evening gown. We gathered at the cool of the day, with this I like to say. The feelings I had for her was genuine and tr ... ue however, our love was misconscrewed as the time began to wind, the pretty smile remained in tact but our love began to fade as a matter of fact. She rode in on a lovely cloud but she rode out on a horse, still wearing a lovely silloutte evening gown of course. She left at the cool part of the day. When the sky was light blue and grey. It was a love, maybe never true to be. I was not true to love and love was not true to me. Still, she wore the prettiest smile in the land. When I loved her, I loved her wholeheartedly and I hope she understands. ~Author Larry Earl Toombs Wedding Dresses 2020

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