Short Cocktail Dresses 2020

See in past people tried hurt me by listening over phone thinking I was talking about someone confidencial information over my phone line which I do not. In ways I thank God for short term memory loss I have very strong long term memory but not short term when I leave that office I do not remember clients information. Now IF I am talking to someone from the Police department or an attorney about something private or too my doctors that suppose private if someone i ... ntercepting my information I am not the one spreading the information the person whom intercepting the information is spreading private information. I am out to protect the attorney I work for because Confidencial information can not leave that office period. And he can get into trouble if people want to be idoits continue to listen to private information the lawyers and Police department is aware of the sitution and the Federal Government is also aware of the sitution. And they know it is not me at all. Short Cocktail Dresses 2020

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