Mother of Groom Dresses Summer 2020

Starting off my day early this morning with a bad headache due to lack of sleep sheer exhaustion. Well that sure didn't make things better for me. I was even very rude to old friend of mine when she called and I'm sure she did not appreciate the kind of scolding I was giving her because she wanted to use the bathroom and I didn't want her to get off the phone with me. IDC if you have to use the bathroom while we're having a conversation just don't TMI it to me and I'll never even know. That's how I feel about it but she doesn't so I gave her a hard time about it.. After getting some more sleep helped but it dawned on me how much of a jerk I was to her. Feel a bit bad about it so I guess I'll apologize the next time I talk to her. That would be the right thing to do. Have a great day folks Mother of Groom Dresses Summer 2020