Long Homecoming Dresses 2020

They say long distance relationships are hard and it becomes impossible so it leads to break up.
Let's see if it's right.I guess I can prove it wrong.

I love the one who is seven thousand eight hundred and two (7802) kilometres away from me. While I am in the largest continent of the world, he is in the smallest.


It's midnight here and I am about to doze off to sleep wheras it's 5 am there and he is about to wake up and start his day.

Sometimes I skip dinner to talk, sometimes he skips sleep. Sometimes I need him badly , sometimes he craves for me extremely; but we are unavailable for each other due to timezones. And we never complain that cos we understand it's not easy for us to skip tasks and just stick to phone and talk. Long Homecoming Dresses 2020

We love each other like anything. When it rains here I feel like he is crying and I just send a text even when I know I won't get a reply so early.
When it's storm there he feels like I am angry at someone and he texts me "be calm" even when he knows that maybe I won't read it immediately cos I might be busy in chores.

We chat after days or sometimes after weeks,but our love is still the same.
How? Because there is trust. There is no space for doubts. Our hearts are cemented and plastered with the base of faith and understanding.

He knows my mood just by my texts ,I get amazed at how he guesses that.
I know him enough that I can correctly guess if he has taken his meals or not even if he assures me that he has.

Yes, we are far away,actually extremely far. We do crave to be with each other , we miss each other but our love is still surviving beautifully and that's beacuse we believe our love is pure enough that nothing, not even distance can tear us apart.
We are two different roads but will meet at the same destination.

No matter if you are close enough to meet daily or far enough to not being able to talk for weeks, a relation will survive only if you want it .
Only if you nurture it with faith and sprinkle understanding to make it face even the strongest storm.

Those who say that long distance relationships don't work, dear your love isn't worth it then ,if you can let some miles seperate you.
~Simmi, The Storytellers

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