JuneBridals short mini prom gowns suitable for skater

We whole-heartedly believe that brides comes in all shapes and sizes and we do our very best to accommodate everyone. We found this article from Glamour , which was written from the perspective of a plus size bride, very interesting.

There are a few points however that need clarification. Unfortunately, designers often dictate the sizes that we sample our gowns in, so bridal stores do not always have a say in the sizes that they bring in. That being said, there are sever ... al designers that are designing gowns specifically with plus size brides in mind, including Anne Barge and Augusta Jones Bridal , both of which we carry.

When it comes to the plus size charge, this charge is not arbitrary. This is actually a pattern charge. When designers design a gown, they select the sizes that it will come in, create a pattern for it, and then the pattern is graded in the size range. When a bride falls outside of that size range, an entirely new pattern needs to be constructed. This takes extra time and labor, and thus requires an additional charge. JuneBridals short mini prom gowns suitable for skater

It is important that as women, we support all women, regardless of size. And we look forward to continuing to do so!


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