JuneBridals juniors short length formal prom wears

Back in the 50's I remember to make a telephone call, we had to go down to the EL Portal hotel, it was a pay phone, and you had to talk loudly because of the cars on the highway. Then all of the sudden Bell Telephone arrived and started putting up poles and installing telephone lines to all the houses. In the beginning we all had Party Lines, that as fun listening to peoples calls HA!HA! Got to know folks real well the HA!HA!. I I guess that makes me an old timer, to actually be there when folks got telephone service. All the girls fell in love with the line men, and the linemen became all the boys heroes HA!HA! They all wore wool or flannel shirts tucked in with belts and clean clothes, short haircuts too real models of what a man should look like. What an exciting time to be a kid in that little canyon. Charlie Tressider was one of those linemen a great guy, and a local Mariposa boy at one time. Oh what a great little canyon that was in those days:-) JuneBridals juniors short length formal prom wears