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My sweet sensitive dear friend, it looks like you've been absorbing and feeling stress energy. This card comes to you as a reminder to manage and clear away the effects of stress.

I am guided to share this stress releasing method which really works:

At the end of each day as you're falling asleep, review the day's events.


Recall any situation which you found stressful during your day. Admit this truth that it was stressful for you. Admit to yourself that you were uncomfortable, pressured, worried, insecure or other another form of stress.

By admitting how you felt, you release pent-up stress energies. We store stress energy whenever we power-through a difficult experience, and override awareness of our feelings.

When you push yourself to do something you don't want to do, you store up stress energy. Stress energy can also come from the people around you, frightening situations, and your opinions about yourself.

The key is to admit your true feelings and realize that you were or are stressed. This self-admission reduces the secretive power that hidden stress-energy has.

It's a sign of strength to be honest with yourself. It's also a form of taking inventory, so you'll know what situations to change in the future. As you learn about your likes and dislikes, you can arrange your life to be less stressful. June Bridals wedding wears of linen fabric

Feel the relief and release that happens when you face your true feelings.

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