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Step by step How to choose your staple vegetable

1. You must like the veggie. Don't say you hate them all, I bet you haven't tried that many and if you have they must have been prepared wrong.

2. Do they work with your calorie budget? For instance lettuce isn't a smart option if you struggle eating enough of it.


3. Is it financially a good choice? Frozen veggies are cheaper than fresh and a great way to save money without saving on healthy nutrition.

4. Will you be able to prep it or is it too time consuming?

5. How well do you tolerate the veggie? Some veggie families are badass ones who take time to adjust to. Don't go the raw route on these. You'll choke on your own fumes coming out! Buy some Beano and load up on it, it might help a little.

6. Are the veggies pesticide free? Or do you choose one where the outer shell or leaves are removed?

7. How much can you eat? The bigger the appetite the lower the calorie veggie you should choose if you want big portions. There's a huge difference between zucchini and lotus root for instance.

8. Cheapest veggie of all times and my favorite is usually cabbage. Consider that one!

9. Great post workout veggies are higher in starch: sweet potato, white potato, carrots, lotus root and cassava or yucca root has 2 times more calories than potato!

10. How will you prepare them? Veggie chips and dehydrated vegetables aren't really helpful since part of the good stuff with them is the water content. Frying them or have them swimming in olive oil or coconut oil isn't going to get you lean either! June Bridals silver or grey wears for cocktail party

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