June Bridals mother of the bride wears in coral

Seriously .. What is this negative vibration I can't break. The list that has been attacking me none stop can go on...
From 3 days before my life changing journey Stanley barb wire and the oak tree .. vet bill
Geode bassrt hound pup parvo.. they live .. endless truck troubles. Normal life expenses
Than Rodee .. we loose him new tires on my truck took 3 tries .. Got that done .. alinememt easy. Drive line .. steering stablizer.. and some other shit i don't know what.. main ... seal leak . Etc.. now my weiner dog .. was runningntoday and playing being cute as can be.. I'm videoing him loving his adorableness.. and he impaled himself on a twig let me emphasize for you A FUCKING TWIG! right through his jugular .. my mini daschund bled a 3in trail straight in the air for half an acre.. and he is still alive after 20minutes of Chad applying pressure unable to move him .. Because it would make him spray again.. he is still alive.. he is still fighting .. I'm exhausted .. pleasee if you have Any negative energy I'm begging you to leave me alone . There is so much more in between this I can't even list . I'm trying to stay positive.. I'm fighting the devil.. but I'm becoming weak. Send my family strength to get through this.. wisdom to lear.. eyes to see past that the pain.. light for my dark.. anything.. I'm pleading you... give my family a break. June Bridals mother of the bride wears in coral

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