June Bridals modest prom wears for lds and mormon

The purpose of the following is to fill you with rage but also to educate you because anger with no direction is unhealthy and this is all about being healthy:

I don't know what you normally eat for dinner but my heart is hoping you eat something. If you do really consider yourself blessed because there are so many who do not. There are families where parents go to bed without dinner to make sure there is food in their hungry babies bellies and if that doesn't break your hear ... t I am going to continue.

Often I will wonder what I am going to have for dinner and a big factor in deciding is money. How much do I want to spend and is the proportion of the cost of what I'm eating worth the damage or health it will give to my body. A lot of times we settle on the cheaper food that is worse for us because we have more important things to use our money for - whatever the reason.

Did you know that health is directly related to socioeconomic status? We don't buy the nutritious food because we have bigger monetary issues to address. Out of 30 nations the U.S is ranked 27th in life expectancy. You'll be lucky if you make it to 75. Fifty years ago the U.S was in the top 5. Yet, the United States spends twice as much on healthcare as the United Kingdom. We are paying for the problems we have caused due to segregation and gentrification. When a city gets completely redone it forces everyone to either move because they can no longer live there or go bankrupt trying to maintain the lifestyle they once had. On average there are 4 times as many supermarkets in predominantly white neighbourhoods as there are in predominantly Black or Latino neighborhoods. This forces people to get dinner at McDonald's or gas stations only reinforcing their lack of privilege. June Bridals modest prom wears for lds and mormon

Between 1980 and 2000 the gap between the poorest and the richest widened 60%. Making the poor poorer and the rich richer. This sort of lifestyle gives chronic stress to people - being unable to sleep, eating way more than you need to, heart conditions, etc. The last time our nation has seen economic trends like this it preceeded The Great Depression.

So what do we do? Do we wait for the Depression to hit for the rich to realize theyre literally sucking the life out of us? Do we petition for a higher minimum wage? Let's talk...

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