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This graphic shows ice. Big deal. Those waters normally were frozen over. This is FAKE NEWS! The normal polar ice cap used to freeze over the Arctic Ocean, the Arctic Islands north of the Canadian mainland, and even the Hudson Bay. Ships were not able to navigate these Arctic waters in winter, and often not at all because of the ice pack.
Read the story of Henry Hudson who tried several times to discover a short cut to the Far East. He got stuck in the ice of what came to be ... known as HUDSON BAY. He and his crew perished.

The polar bears have depended on the polar cap as hunting "grounds" for Arctic Seals during the long winters. In normal times the ice would break up in the Spring, and freeze in the Fall [short summers in the Arctic]. Now the ocean freezes much later, and often does not reach the Canadian mainland. The polar ice caps are smaller now than in eons. The bears have to swim several miles to reach the ice shelf. They are capable swimmers, and are desperate to begin the hunts and regain body weight lost in the Summer. June Bridals items with 3 4 sleeve to wear of the wedding

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