June Bridals consignment items for prom party

Fourth day at the gym in a row. 90 minutes on the treadmill each day. My feet were sore and I was only able to walk today. Still, 6.2 miles.

Eating my routine stuff.

Mac Gerald is over fixing a leak in my roof and Annie is heading to have her hair done.

So, I am in the diner by myself. Turkey on rye with raw onion, tomato and lettuce. Water with lemon and a pickle.

There is an Asian family to my right, Mom, a boy and a girl. The boy is talkative and lively -- extremely well spoken and polite. The little girl is quiet and enamored with her big brother. The Mom is on her cell phone - scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. June Bridals consignment items for prom party
I worry about the next generation. I watch parents as they take their kids phones away at dinner, but what is life going to be like when parents parent through their phones.

An elderly man is scrollng on his phone, headphones in. He is alone. White guy, glasses -- wedding band -- He appears to be waiting for someone. If my wife were here she'd be praying for him -- "Is he alone? Is he lonely? Does he have anybody?"

Just a slice of life.

Three young girls with softball jersey --

A couple of 40 year old men eating alone -- not together and the language the waiters speak -- I can't tell what it is -- now I can hear that it is Spanish.

Time to go cut some grass and see how Mac is doing on the roof.